Revised: 1/4/2018


 Offenders will not be required to stay overnight at any ESCAPE SATOP program



           1.   Setup SATOP OMU Assessment to receive your program referral.    800-353-7552     660-263-7552

          2.   Attend Assigned SATOP Program Successfully to Receive Completion Certificate.

          3.   Provide Completion to the Department of Revenue as part of Reinstatement.


To begin SATOP requirements, you must pre-schedule an appointment with an OMU.  All costs or fees and Program Referral Criteria are set by Missouri State Standards, and are the same state wide.  All: MIP, Consumption, Zero-Tolerance, DUI, DWI, BWI, Abuse & Lose, Paraphernalia, Possession of Alcohol and/or Drugs, As SATOP requirements are fulfilled, several activities will occur: 


THE OMU - Offender Management Unit: 


You will pay $126 for the OMU placement evaluation, SATOP legal forms, and program referral process.  You must also pay the mandatory Supplemental Fee of $249 at the OMU (249 + 126 = $375).  This does not include the cost of any service level, that is a separate fee.


You will meet with a Qualified Professional, with Legal Forms, BAC level at arrest, Driver’s Record, and Background to ensure accuracy about current and prior Alcohol or Substance offenses in your history. You will complete a Driver Risk Inventory (DRI-2) questionnaire, computer scored and interpreted.


Based upon the screening factors and considerations, you will be referred to participate in a SATOP Program Level.  You have a right to a “second opinion” at your cost at another OMU ($126 and no supplemental fee).  If you use this option it is the referral of record, and must be acted upon.


SATOP - PROGRAM COMPONENTS  The State of Missouri reserves the right to change fees and costs


1.    OEP Offender Education Program:  A ten (10) hour  educational program, offered over an extended period, usually in two separate parts 5 hours each.  This referral is for first time offenders only, with no prior alcohol or drug related charges.  1st offenders considered LOW RISK are usually referred to this education level.  The OEP Cost is:  $200   BAC of .18 or greater, or those with prior treatment or other alcohol and/or drug related history episodes will not attend this level.


2.    WIP Weekend Intervention Program:  A 20 hour, intensive educational and group oriented intervention program which is conducted in a 3 day, group setting.  Effective JANUARY 2016 Offenders will not stay at the SATOP program through the weekend, you will go home each night.  All programs operate Friday through Sunday. This level is for high BAC 1st offenders, or at least one prior alcohol or drug related offense. WIP cost varies starting at $250 (plus $6.70 for WorkBook = $256.70) to $467.45 (plus WorkBook = 474.15) depending on income.   BAC of .22 or greater, prior A&D Offenses, or treatment episodes will not attend this level.


3.    CIP  Clinical Intervention Program:  A 50 hour, outpatient rehabilitation plan usually for High BAC .22 or 3rd offenders, that includes 20 hours of group education, 20 hours of group therapy, and 10 hours of individual counseling, usually taking 6 to 7 weeks.  This is usually for multiple offenders with prior offenses. CIP fees are dependent upon your income.  Attend block groups to complete faster. CIP cost varies $250 minimum to $1067.42 maximum, Sliding Scale.


4.   LEVEL 4 - SROP  Serious & Repeat Offender Program -  Clinical Intervention Program:  A minimum of 75 hour Outpatient Rehabilitation plan that includes  group education, group counseling, and individual counseling, completed in no less than 90 days.  For multiple offenders, with 3 or more prior offenses, or a failed CIP program. Attend block groups Thursday evenings 4 hrs, and Saturday 8 hr groups help accumulate treatment plan goals for completion.  Fees are not sliding scale, your LEVEL IV SROP cost is Typically $1500.   $750 to enter services and $750 before completion.  Should your program Criteria exceed 75 hours, costs can vary.