R * E * A * C * T

Required  Educational  Assessment  and  Community  Treatment

1.    Setup REACT (RSU)  Assessment Assignment   800-353-7552  Must have P.O. Referral Form.  $125 money order to ESCAPE.

2.    Attend Assigned REACT Program to get Completion Certificate, or, complete REACT Treatment referral requirements.

3.    REACT provides Program Completions to the Department of Corrections and your Parole / Probation Officer.


REACT is a statewide system to assess and review any Offender Treatment Activity to date, and to consider options if there are any current needs to further manage a referral for Substance Abuse Services.  This can be any comprehensive community based education and treatment options for Individuals arrested In Missouri for drug related offenses. The REACT mission is to inform and educate these offenders as to the hazards and consequences of drug usage and dependency, to further promote safe and responsible decision making regarding alcohol and other drug use, and to motivate offenders for personal change and growth.


According to the law, any felony drug offender (Chapter 195 Cases) who is placed into the probation and parole system, must complete the REACT (RSU) assessment screening and participate by referral within Education or some type of Treatment component.  REACT must be completed to be released from Probation or Parole.



1.  The REACT ASSESSMENT screening takes about an hour, and is performed by the REACT SCREENING UNIT (RSU). The testing and interview determines the level of education or treatment indicated. The RSU cost is $65.  You will also pay the Corrections Mental Health Earnings Fund $60, a statutory requirement.  RSU total Cost:  $125.    Total cost with the Education level includes an RSU ($65), plus CMEF ($60),  Consideration is given to completed programs if acted upon after your offense, such as Drug Court. You may have completed your requirements, bring all successful Treatment information.

2.  The REACT EDUCATION PROGRAM (REP) If referred to the REACT Educational Program component Cost is an additional $100, set by Statute.   REACT is generally considered a tool for the intervention and treatment of problem chemical abuse since once the individual chemical abuse has reached offending or criminal levels, assessment and referral to appropriate treatment may be indicated.  First offenders and those identified with moderate indicators may be referred to “simple intervention” by education and information, usually a 10 hour (not counting breaks), 2 part, (5 hours each) Substance Intervention Level Education Program delivered by an Advanced Addictions Specialist.  The REP program is $130.   Total for this level is $255.

3.  The REACT TREATMENT COMPONENT if referred, can include local outpatient, residential, or Drug Court treatment options. Consideration is given to completed programs if acted upon after your offense.  Any referral to treatment will be relayed to your Probation Officer, and will be reported at the completion of treatment. The probation officer is informed of treatment program referral completion, and DOC is notified. This level will pay for services:  At their cost, or sliding scale, Sliding scale treatment costs vary by provider, most cost are deferred for State Agency services.


If you qualify for a referral into the Education program there are 3 statutory fees charged for the REACT (REP) Education program. Fees will be paid at the Assessment in full, no other arrangements will be made.

Corrections Mental Health Earnings Fund:                           $60
REACT Screening/Legal Forms/Reporting:                          $65
REACT Education Program:                                               $130

 Pay by Post Office Money Order, Make out to “ESCAPE”, No  Credit  Card,  Debit,  Checks,  OR Cash WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL.

The REP educational program is designed to meet 3 specific goals for felony drug offenders:

1.      1.  To promote a drug and crime free lifestyle, for present and future.

       2.  To provide education on consequences of substance use and  abuse. 

        3.  To explore intervention options, sobriety skills, and tools.

The major goals of the REACT educational program (REP) are not just to impart knowledge, but also to allow the individual involved to have the opportunity to develop an awareness of their use of mind altering substances, the consequences of having been convicted of an alcohol or other drug related offense, and the effects alcohol and other drugs have on their ability such as decision making skills and their lifestyle in general to include legal. social. familial marital, mental physical arid behavioral ramifications.  The REACT REP will take a position in promoting abstinence from the use of  mind altering substances.

The beginning and advanced problem drug user and drinker of alcohol whose conviction for an offense representing a sustained, or chronic set of behavior patterns which are evidence of the development of serious substance and/or alcohol abuse; and the chronic drug/alcohol abuser, whose conviction of an alcohol or drug related offense is only one manifestation of the serious problem syndrome of chronic alcohol use, will be directed into the REACT intervention and treatment system through the RSU screening process by personal referral. Cost and provision for referrals will be worked upon with the offender, Officer, and Provider.